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Trans Vision
Trans Equity
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Events of the week


At International Transgender Day of Remembrance 2021 this past week, we struggled to calm ourselves as we read over 400 names of our Trans siblings around the world, including many from Southasian communities including India & Pakistan. 

Since 2018, ParivarBayArea has been committed to saving Southasian Trans lives while powerfully welcoming all queer folx to fight for our collective liberation. 

As the pandemic overshadowed our existence, southasian trans hijra communities were further neglected and isolated. 
ParivarBayArea furthered its commitment by forming a global initiative of SITAL- Saving Indian Trans ALLINDIA Lives. 

The largest pan-India strategic initiative led by Trans COVID warriors across 23 states, it has helped thousands of Trans Hijra Kinnar folx across 54 communities distributing over 85,000 medical and food kits, guiding many emergency partners. 

As the community recovered, we swiftly moved to build Trans equity amongst rebuilding and rehabilitation efforts. Our sustainable livelihoods provide Trans entrepreneurs with micro-grant, financial literacy training & business mentoring to start a viable business or project that can provide a regular income source along with employing other trans people. Thus far, SITAL has worked to review and approve over 40 such livelihoods with 16 of them opening their doors proudly over the last few weeks. Dolly is one such trans entrepreneur who was supported by our SITAL initiative to open doors to her thriving beauty parlor. She has made 13,100 INR(~$100) in less than 2 weeks. Read her story HERE.We ask for your help to continue our work in USA and India to provide such opportunities that restore dignity and respect to Trans lives. 

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 Our SITAL Warriors

 Our Community Leaders


Devesh Radhakrishnan



Okan Sengun



Raj Rao



Anjali Rimi

President/CEO (She/They)


Rachana Mudraboyina

Vice President  (She/They)



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