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SF Bay Area LGBTQ Covid Relief Coalition

Led by Parivar Bay Area, SF Office of Transgender Initiatives, Turnout, El/La Para Trans Latinas & SF LGBT Center, the SF BayArea LGBTQ+ COVID relief is a coalition effort to support LGBTQ+ folx in San Francisco Bay Area with emergency support around essentials, rent & housing and food support. Initiated in May 2020, the coalition has raised $141,289 through fundraising and grant requests. Our generous funders include City of SF- the San Francisco AIDS foundation, Horizons Foundation, Borealis, Convergent Fund, San Francisco Pride, San Francisco Community Health Center, PRISM foundation and San Francisco Foundation along with our many individual donors.

These funds were disbursed through microgrants in the form of cash and gift cards. Submissions were open to the community in two phases for individual support requests. Once reviewed for eligibility, the requests were approved for disbursement. Additional efforts were also in place to support with medical and essential delivery support, grocery delivery and essential item registry lists.


Save Indian Trans Lives: COVID Relief  ( Sital )

SITAL (Save Indian Trans AllINDIA Lives) is focused on Indian trans, hijra, intersex, third gender, and non-binary communities facing unprecedented neglect, isolation, infection, and starvation due to the ongoing covid-19 second wave. It is a pan-India effort working vigorously to support over 50+ communities/birdaris across 20 states, to begin with. This wave of COVID has wreaked havoc in India. In 2020, our efforts help save and support over 5000 folx with food, shelter, and rebuilding efforts from the first wave. And as the crises deepened in 2021, the Trans Hijra communities are once again marginalized, neglected, and reeling in starvation, isolation, and severe exposure to the infection. We need your help. Trans Hijra's lives are precious.  See a brief video below.

SITAL is a strategic initiative that really calls for your attention to include Trans Hijra Kinnar lives of India in every health effort including vaccine access, every community conversation, every rebuilding, and reopening effort.

Relief and Recovery



Our grassroots relief efforts were focused on distributing food and health kits and mobilizing emergency medicine distribution to PLHIV and diabetic Trans folx, makeshift hospital, and quarantine spaces for COVID+ Trans Queer Folx, hospitalizations, and holding vaccine equity drives for Trans Hijra people. 

Rehabilitation and Rebuilding



As we rebuild livelihoods, ParivarBayArea accepted small business enterprise proposals from the community and is now gearing up to fund the projects upon viability, credibility, and sustainability. We are raising close to $200K to provide microloans to over 51 viable businesses across 14 states and 1 union territory.


ParivarBayArea stepped up to support Trans women of Guyana. through Proud to be Trans for relief from flooding and losing their households. In July,  higher levels of rainfall have left homes and farms flooded. Ongoing flooding also presents the risk of greater coronavirus spread, if residents cannot access clean food

and water. We raised close to $15,000 to support 12 trans femmes who have lost most of their belongings due to flooding. There is an urgent need to buy food and replenish their pantries, purchase refrigerators and beds, and re-establish their homes. Rain is expected to continue over the coming month—we need to mobilize funds quickly to ensure that trans folks can meet their basic needs.

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