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Global Disaster Relief


Parivar Bay Area co-founded and leads the diverse coalition

of organizations directly supporting local queer and trans folx with rent & housing, food support, medication, and targeted vaccination drives. Our coalition was the largest COVID coalition on the West coast, raising over $220,000 in funds and serving over 3000 beneficiaries across 9 counties, overwhelmingly trans/gender-non-conforming people of color.

SF Bay Area LGBTQ+ COVID Relief Coalition


Nationwide South Asian Connections

Throughout the pandemic, Parivar Bay Area helped facilitate community across geographic boundaries. We supported COVID relief efforts in Houston, Texas, New Jersey, and more places in addition to our active role in the California Bay Area. 



To support 12 trans women in the South Asian Diaspora in Guyana who lost their households due to flooding, Paribar Bay Area raised close to $15,000 to replenish their pantries, provide interim shelter, and ensure their medical wellbeing as torrential rain and the coronavirus made it impossible for them too.

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