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Pride Month Memory:
Lavender Graduation of the Third TGNCI Emerging Leaders Cohort

Congratulations to the graduates of our third TGNCI Emerging Leaders program by the Center for Immigrant Protection. This program spanned 10 consecutive weeks of group and individual work, presentations from guest speakers, and a final project.

Our leaders presented final projects that showcased the diversity of their talents and interests. From conducting academic research and creating TGNCI-centering spaces in the community to building a volunteer program for a local nonprofit and publishing a book, each of our emerging leaders is building the future, a future that centers TGNCI immigrants.


Thank you to Lana Patel, our Program & Community Outreach Manager, for leading the cohort and creating a safe space of social belonging and community.


Thank you to our special guest speakers: Jupiter Peraza, Kiki Lopez AKA Mx. Kiki Krunch, Jaune Hanig, Nadia Rahman, and Dr. Elif Balin, for sharing their stories and wisdom with our cohort.

 Thank you to Cantwell and Strut for hosting the graduation.

 We are so proud of the 3rd TGNCI Emerging Leaders cohort!


In January, we proudly celebrated our 5th Anniversary! ParivarBayArea was founded on January 26, 2019 by Anand Vedawala, Sanjeev Chahal and Anjali Rimi.

With love and support from you, it has been an honor to be:
- The first Transgender-led Transgender-center organization led by Hijrah & Kinnar global south culturally diverse trans identities in the U.S.
- Hosting TGNCI+ centering support group “Robaroo” at our Castro office with LGBT Asylum Project and hold community roundtables “Charcha”.
- Leading the SF LGBT COVID relief coalition of 22 organizations serving over 3000 local LGBTQ+ folx in 9 counties.
- Delivering Trans global disaster relief across India, Guyana & Bangladesh saving over 90,000 Trans Hijrah livesd
- Scaling "SITALparivar," the world’s largest transgender entrepreneurship program in India with 19 livelihood small scale businesses.
- Hosting over 120 events/spaces centering Trans Queer Joy and working with elected officials.
- Received over 13 awards for our advocacy and grassroots work
- Be the first SouthAsian Trans-led Organization to be fiscally supported by the state of California, City and County of San Francisco, foundations and corporate partners.
- Be the first southasian organization to perform at Silicon Valley Pride, San Francisco Pride & Oakland Pride and to lead the San Francisco Transgender March.
- Serve on the leadership council for “US Transgender Survey” By National Center for Transgender equality for “TransSurvey 2022”.
- Creating San Francisco Transgender Symposiums, and see Nov 18th as “San Francisco Transgender Immigrants Day”
- Hosting Global South Transgender Immigrant TDOV, TDOR and to global Trans leaders in SF.
- Serving on the leadership council for California Transgender Policy Advocacy(CTPA) coalition.
- Helping the lives of over 50 Trans Queer Kinnar Hijrah Latinx Queer Asylees to America.
- Furthering our focus with “The LGBT Asylum Project” to further the legal and social betterment of Global South TGNCI+ and LGBQ+ Immigrants and Asylees to USA under “Center for Immigrant protection.”
- Created TGNCI emerging leader program and secured employment/ opportunity for 14 TGNCI folx across 2 cohorts.

ParivarBayArea is proud to join the leadership council for Calfornia TGI Policy Alliance


TGNCI Emerging Leaders Program 2023

ParviarBayArea Return.png

Achievements Report 

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