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Resources for TGNCI Immigrants

Our program is geared to help TGNCI immigrants to gradually get a sense of belonging in America, and assertively start living in the city of San Francisco. We provide warm referral out to organizations that support housing navigation, health services, and more.


The LGBT Asylum Project



The LGBT Asylum Project is the only San Francisco nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to providing accessible legal representation for LGBT asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution due to their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or HIV status. 

Oasis Legal Services


Oasis Legal Services provides low-cost legal representation to the LGBTQIA+ immigrant community. They are available to help with asylum, residency, naturalization, family petitions, and VAWA petitions. Use the links above to learn more about their services, available immigration relief options, or request a consultation with Oasis to get assistance.

California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA)

California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. (CRLA) is a nonprofit law firm founded in 1966 to provide free civil legal services to low-income residents of California's rural counties. Their client representation focuses on the legal areas of employment and labor, housing, education, rural health, and leadership development.

The TransLatin@ Coalition (TLC)

The TransLatin@ Coalition (TLC) was founded in 2009 by a group of Transgender and Gender nonconforming and Intersex (TGI) immigrant women in Los Angeles, California, as a grassroots response to address the specific needs of TGI Latin@ immigrants who live in the United States. Their legal services focus in supporting (TGI) individuals exiting immigration detention centers who need legal representation and support.

Trans Fronteras

Trans Fronteras helps the transgender and gender non-conforming community in San Diego to navigate and search help in the different needs, including immigration help.


Ruby's House

Ruby's Place is a haven of support and joy, offering survivors crisis services, shelter, counseling, children's services, and more. Our commitment extends to training first responders and social services providers in best practices, spreading the joy of effective trauma victim support.

Taimon Booton Navigation Center


The Taimon Booton Navigation Center is a 90 day shelter centering the needs of TGI people and sex workers experiencing homelessness.  Our navigation center can be an immediate place of safety and respite when living on the streets and seeking gender-affirming shelter. Staffed 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week, the TBNC provides around the clock support to our clients to help pave the way towards housing stability.


Contact Housing & Resource Navigation Supervisor, Aisling Peterson (she/they), 415-296-8995 x319.

Openhouse serves seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, by providing services that reduce isolation and improve their physical and mental health and economic security, including housing support. 

Central City Hospitality House

Hospitality House is a progressive, community-based organization that provides opportunities and resources for personal growth and self-determination to homeless people and neighborhood residents. Their mission is to build community strength by advocating policies and rendering services which foster self-sufficiency and cultural enrichment.

Asian Women's Shelter

Direct services include nationally recognized shelter program, language advocacy program, crisis line, case management, and programs in support of underserved communities such as queer Asian survivors and trafficked survivors. 

TGI Justice Project: Housing and Supportive Services Program

The Housing Program staff  have empathetic 1:1 conversations designed to guide and empower individuals experiencing homelessness. Together we work to uncover solutions to our clients homelessness through their own relationships and resources. If identified resources are not sufficient to address immediate housing needs, TGIJP housing staff will proceed to assess prioritization status for immediate transitional or, for permanent housing resources.

La Casa de las Madres

La Casa de las Madres is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They provide adults, teens, and children threatened by domestic violence with safety and service to support individual needs. Specific services include crisis hotline, counseling, shelter, housing support, legal support, and advocacy.

Mission Neighborhood Resource Center (MNRC)

MNRC is a safe and clean space for the adult homeless communities of the Mission, including comprehensive transgender-specific services. MNRC advocates for housing and shelter, and enhances the physical, social, emotional, and economic health of homeless residents in the neighborhood.

Bobbi Jean Baker House


Our Trans Home's Bobbi Jean Baker House on Capp Street in San Francisco's Mission District is an independent living home dedicated to housing TGI individuals currently experiencing homelessness. The Bobbi Jean Baker House is an 18 room, 3 floor house with a supportive community living environment and integrated housing case management services to support residents on their path to securing long-term housing stability.

HOPE House (Transition Housing Services)
The TransLatin@ Coalition has taken an innovative approach in the fight against Stigma and HIV by addressing all the social determinants of health that put TGI individuals at risk of HIV. Six months transitional programming includes case management, referrals, and linkage to our supportive programming.

Housing Opportunities for Trans Tenants (H.O.T.T.) Program

The Transgender District's Housing Opportunities for Trans Tenants (H.O.T.T.) Program is a housing subsidy program whose main goal is to provide equitable, stable, gender affirming and permanent housing opportunities for transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and intersex individuals living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

HIV Homeless Outreach and Mobile Engagement (HHOME) 

HHOME serves people living with HIV/AIDS with a CD4 of less than 200 and who are experiencing homelessness in the city and county of San Francisco. They also work with transitional-age youth, trans-identified women, pregnant women, and those experiencing imminent eviction. 

​Episcopal Community Services (ECS)

ECS helps homeless and low-income people obtain the housing, jobs, shelter, and essential services to prevent and end homelessness.

Office of Transgender Initiatives
The Office of Transgender Initiatives (OTI) works with communities and the City to advance equity for transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex (TGNCI) people.


San Francisco Community Health Center 


San Francisco Community Health Center provides a trans/GNC (Gender Non-Conforming) affirming environment that encourages patients to develop long lasting relationships with healthcare providers. Transgender people may seek any one of a number of gender affirming interventions, including hormone therapy, surgery, facial hair removal, interventions for the modification of speech and communication, and behavioral adaptations such as genital tucking or packing, or chest binding.

Gender-Affirming Care - Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center

The Multi-Specialty Transitions (MST) Department at Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center is deeply committed to providing equitable, compassionate and high-quality medical care to transgender and gender-diverse youth, adults, and families.

UCSF Gender Affirming Health Program


The UCSF Gender Affirming Health Program is a multidisciplinary program consisting of experts in transgender medicine and surgery at UCSF Medical Center. They provide evidence-based, cutting-edge clinical care for transgender and gender non-binary communities, as well as to conduct pioneering research and train the next generation of medical providers on all aspects of gender-affirming clinical care.


Planned Parenthood California Central Coast

Planned Parenthood California Central Coast provides quality, compassionate care to transgender, intersex, non-binary, and gender non-confirming patients. They offer hormone therapy for patients 18 years and older at all of their 6 health centers. Patients do not need to participate in therapy or provide information from a mental health provider to receive care at any of their locations.

Gender Clinic for Transgender and Non-Binary Patients

This monthly outpatient clinic provides a welcoming environment for transgender and non-binary people to receive culturally competent medical care including medication and hormone management, surgical referrals, connection to legal and mental health resources as well as other transition-related care. The clinic is staffed by providers trained in transgender health issues.

Bay Area Community Health

Bay Area Community Health is dedicated to providing excellent and comprehensive health care. Their medical care team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, certified physician assistants, and other health specialists.

Lyon Martin Health Services

As your primary care home, your Lyon-Martin primary care team will work with you to identify your health and wellness goals. Your primary care team consists of a Primary Care Provider (PCP), a Nurse (RN), a Medical Assistant (MA), and a Care Coordinator (CC). Your PCP is who you see for yearly check ups. They can prescribe medications, order preventative care tests that screen for cancer and sexually transmitted infections, or order referrals if you need specialty care.

Basant Now!

Basant Now! raises mental health awareness within the South Asian Community. They provide matches to mental health professionals that understand your culture and can help you with your problems. You’re not alone.

Hume Center Community Health Promotion Services

The Hume Center was established in 1993 and since then we have been offering preventative services and providing support to a diverse community. Starting in 2010, we expanded our impact in the community by developing a comprehensive program specifically to serve the South Asian Community. This program, with major funding provided by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Mental Health Services Act funding, offers community programs and services that are uniquely and best suited for our consumers whether that is an individual, family, community, or organization.

Positive Women's Network

Positive Women’s Network – USA is a national membership body of women living with HIV and their allies that exists to strengthen the strategic power of all women living with HIV in the United States.

Getting to Zero Intensive Case Management (GTZ-ICM) 
GTZ is a city-wide initiative that aims to reduce HIV transmission and HIV-related deaths in San Francisco by 90 percent before 2025. GTZ-Intensive Case Management (ICM) is a responsive program that provides short-term navigation, medication adherence, and mobile medical programs. GTZ-ICM is a partnership between SF Community Health Center, the Shanti Project, and the SF Department of Public Health. 

The TransLatin@ Coalition

Their PrEP/PEP program focuses in providing access to biomedical interventions to (TGI) individuals by providing comprehensive case management, Navigation services; counseling services and referral through The Centers of PreP Excellence.

UCLA Gender Health Program

They offer expansive LGBTQ+ primary healthcare services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning children, teens and adults. We also provide a range of gender-affirming health care options, including hormone therapy and all types of gender-affirming surgeries. 


SF LGBT Center - Transgender Employment Program

The Trans Employment Program (TEP) at the SF LGBT Center is a unique, collaborative program designed to help create inclusive workplaces and jobs for trans people. TEP provides a wide range of services including: job referrals and career coaching; navigating being out at work or transitioning on the job; resume review and managing references; hiring and community events; and legal services. TEP is the first city-funded program addressing economic and employment barriers for transgender and nonbinary community members.


Trans Can Work


Trans Can Work gives access to employers eager to hire Transgender, Gender Diverse and Intersex (TGI) employees. Fill out their form to connect to one of their TGI Employment Navigators to start a new employment journey. 

The Transgender District's Entrepreneurship Accelerator

The Transgender District's Entrepreneurship Accelerator program is for Transgender and Queer People of Color who aspire to start a business project. The free program is held virtually every year - a 4-month boot camp beginning in April and ending in August. Participation in the program includes required webinars, information sessions, and mentorship, along with free business tax filings, one-on-one coaching, the creation of a full brand suite + website, and a seed grant of $10,000 to kick off each of the cohort's proposals at the end of the program.

Rood and Rebound Reentry Resources

Root and Rebound’s resources page includes national and state-based reentry resources (including employment resources) for formerly incarcerated people and family members, service providers, employers, landlords and more.

The TransLatin@ Coalition

They provide the community with learning skills on entrepreneurship to create jobs and opportunities to our own community.

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