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Parivar cultivates a community of light, love, and acceptance that enables successful execution of our mission, enhances our reputation as a primary organization for Transgender economic justice, social inclusion, and health care equity,  and is an engaging leader for Queer Trans Immigration equity, led by South Asian Transgender Leaders.

We have a simple tagline: “Our South Asian Queer Trans Family.” Reclaiming spaces beyond cisness, Parivar was brought together as a social collective by individuals and community leaders to build the greatest and biggest family together. Parivar was created as a strategically claimed social platform, and uplifts South Asian Trans and Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) individuals and welcomes all queer, gay, lesbian, intersex, bisexual, and allies. As the front door for the greater South Asian Queer Diaspora, ParivarBayArea focuses on our local California community with a global mindset.


Who We Are

Parivar Bay Area is focused on celebrating and supporting our Trans Queer South Asian family. Being the home for everyone in the trans queer LGB family. ParivarBayArea holds a local focus and a global mindset. Parivar means family in Hindi. Building a safe space to showcase our South Asian and beyond heritage, transcending our journeys and celebrating our culture, and being the home for everyone in the trans queer LGB family.

Our Objectives

• We create a Transgender, Intersex, GenderNonBinary Kinnar, Hijra, Kothi, Aravani, Shiv-Shakthis, Jogti, Nupimanbi, Mangalamukhi, Thirunangai centered space to unapologetically uplift the most marginalized members of our communities while fighting for their lives including economic justice & health care equity. We bring together all LGBTQIA+ identities as one family for our collective liberation.

• We build immigration justice centering the Transgender Hijrah Non-Binary immigrants, drive accountability for Transgender Queer Immigrant protections & bring Public Advocacy & Education to better the belonging and resettling of immigrants to America. 

• We develop equity in class, diverse program, and portfolio that reflects our intersectional communities and leverage our engagements and templates to achieve the greatest equity and visibility for underrepresented Transgender, Hijrah, Kinnar , Intersex, Non-Binary, and queer folx in Southasian diaspora and beyond.

• We advocate for Asian Pacific Islanders' equity and lead partnerships to fight Anti-Asian hate along with dismantling anti-racist, Cultural violence, Anti-Blackness, Xenophobia, Gender Stereotypes, and immigration inequality.

• We dedicate our work to be integral to building Allyships amongst the South Asian diaspora that begins and betters Transgender Hijrah Queer inclusion and equity. 

Programs by the Community,
For the Community


Highlighting trans queer South Asian stories through the arts.

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Celebrating our identities and racial, gender, immigration & sexual equity.


Supporting trans folx and communities in the US and beyond

Help Us Continue to Build Community

Parivar Community Leaders

President - CEO

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