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Parivar Bay Area remains America’s first transgender-led and transgender-centering organization led by Global South Asian Hijrah, Kinnar, Gender Expansive immigrants with the intent of cultivating a community of light, love, and acceptance and strives to serve as an organization for Transgender Immigrant Justice, Transgender Intersectional unity, Cultural Humility, and LGBTQIA+ Immigration Equity centering the Global South Trans Immigrants and Asylees.

Our Programs

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Our Objectives

• We build immigration justice centering the Transgender, Non Binary, Intersex Gender Diverse, Gender Queer & Gender expansive immigrants with driving accountability for Transgender Queer Immigrant protections & bring Public Advocacy & Education to better the belonging and resettling of immigrants to United States of America 

• We develop equity in class, diverse program, and portfolio that reflects our intersectional communities and leverage our engagements and templates to achieve the greatest equity and visibility for underrepresented culturally diverse Global South Transgender Identities including Hijrah, Kinnar , Intersex, Non-Binary, and queer folx in marginalized diasporas and beyond.

• We advocate for Global South TGNCI+ Immigrant's equity and lead partnerships to fight Anti-Asian hate along with dismantling anti-racist, Cultural violence, Anti-Blackness, Xenophobia, Gender Stereotypes, and immigration inequality.

• We dedicate our work to be integral to building Allyships amongst the Global South Transgender Immigrant and Refugees communities of San Francisco. 

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President - CEO

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