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Anjali Rimi pronouns are she/they. Anjali is a proud South Asian Hindu Canadian American woman of trans experience based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She was born in India, blossomed in Canada, belonging in the United States.

Anjali is the president & co-founder of America’s only Trans-led, Trans-centering South Asian Queer organization of Parivar Bay Area. Parivar Bay Area focuses on centering Trans equity, economic justice within South Asian Diaspora. Parivar current initiative SITAL, the largest pan-India grassroots initiative is saving Trans Hijra lives across 26 states, with over 1 crore of funds disbursed.

Anjali currently serves on the boards for The LGBT Asylum ProjectEast Bay Stonewall Democrats and San Francisco Pride . She is a special advisor to SF Mayor’s office along with Harvard Medical School 

She holds an MBA and works as a business development executive in the wine industry.  Anjali helps companies cultivate Trans LGB inclusive workplaces as a Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) coach.  Anjali works with leaders at every level across Fortune 500, corporate and nonprofit foundations.


Anjali Rimi



Rachana Mudraboyina

Rachana Mudraboyina (She/They) is a Hyderabad-based Transgender rights activist. Rachana is the chair of #SITAL(SaveIndianTransALLINDIALives) project currently leading COVID19 relief efforts across India. Rachana is currently the director of Human Rights Law Network(HRLN) focused on rights of LGBTQI folx. She holds dual master’s in commerce and social work.  She is engaged with UNAIDS and its India LGBTQI think tank. She was fellow member of International Visitors Leadership Program of US Embassy from 2016, visited 5 states in US on an exchange program. She oversees the administration of India’s First Transgender Clinic funded by UNAIDS. Rachana is founder of You Tube channel Transvision driving Trans awareness in the main stream media. Her Transvision channel won the, Population Council’s ‘Ladlee’ award in ‘gender sensitivity’ category both at National & International level.  She is also co-founder and involved with many organizations including NATTKHA (National Transgender Network) ,Telangana Hijra Intersex, Transgender Samiti, Telangana Queer Swaabhimana Yatra, Telangana Women and Transgender Joint Action Committee. She is also board member of Human Rights Law Network, Bhumika Women’s Initiative and Aman Vedika home for children. Rachana serves as an advisory council member to India’s largest sex worker networks: National Network of Sex Workers and All India Network of Sex workers, guiding with her lived experience as a sex worker. Rachana has been a mentor to many in the community in building small scale businesses and growing entrepreneurship as a livelihood option for those forced or needing off begging or sex work. She is a managing partner of, a SouthAsian digital store by south Asian trans folx. Doing advocacy with the policy makers and government agencies at all levels, Rachana is committed to uplifting of Trans Hijra communities of India.

Raj Rao (he/him) is a gay ABCD originally from Albuquerque, NM. After obtaining his BA at USC, Raj spent two years in Taipei and Singapore before returning to the USA to pursue his MA and MBA at the Middlebury Institute in Monterey, CA. Currently, Raj works as an NPI program manager for a China based manufacturer of advanced audio and haptic components used by leading device vendors. Raj is literate in Chinese and has some proficiency in French, Hinglish, and Telugish. Raj’s interests range from EDM, travel, calligraphy, and his beagle Desmond K. Rao. Raj (He/Him)


Raj Rao


Devesh Radhakrishnan

Devesh Radhakrishnan (he/him) is a cis, gay Indian immigrant who has been affiliated with Parivar since 2019. As a member of Parivar's advisory committee, he has participated in planning and supporting multiple events for the organization and is a facilitator for Parivar's biweekly support group, Roobaroo. Devesh moved to the Bay Area after completing his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware and he works as a senior scientist at a biotech company in Marin, helping to manufacture therapies for rare genetic disorders. His prior community activities include volunteering with Canal Alliance, Turn Out, SF Marin Food Bank, and Shanti Project's CERV program. He also serves as a trustee for Dharni USA, a 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on enabling geography education in India. 

Okan Sengun is the Executive Director and Co-founder of the LGBT Asylum Project, the leading San Francisco-based nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to providing legal representation for LGBTQ+ immigrants who are fleeing persecution and seeking asylum in the United States. The LGBT Asylum Project is the very first immigration law group to be located in the historic Castro, a beacon of hope just across the rainbow crosswalk. 
Okan is also the founding attorney of Okan Immigration Law Group, a private law group that handles marriage-based green card and naturalization applications as well as asylum cases based on political opinion, race, nationality and religion.
Okan served as the San Francisco Asylum Office Liaison, the LGBT Coordinator and on the Advisory Council of American Immigration Lawyers Association, Northern California Chapter between 2012 and 2018.
Okan Sengun serves as a panel attorney at AIDS Legal Referral Panel (ALRP) and was awarded as the “Attorney of the Year” in 2016 by the AIDS Legal Referral Panel. 
Okan is also a mentor immigration attorney at Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area and he is a member of Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom (BALIF). Okan worked at several non-profit organizations and law firms in California and Turkey prior to starting Okan Immigration Law Group and the LGBT Asylum Project. Okan is admitted to New York Bar and U.S. Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit. 

Okan Sengun


Okan Sengun

Board of director


J is a gender non conforming South Asian asylee, who is practicing the art of storytelling from trans centers of gravity. In November 2019, J presented the world premiere of Mahâbhârata, a solo-telling of the great Indian epic, adapted by Geetha Reddy, a South Asian-American playwright, where the re-tellng intentionally presents the non-cis gendered male perspective that has (and continues to) otherwise dominated this conversation for thousands of Hindu years.#translivesmatter

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